Fishtail 459 – March 2019

A relatively quiet time of year at TV, our trial midweek lunch time meetings have been quite well attended and it is good to see some members who can’t make the evening meetings.  We are going to a different venue for the March meeting which may be more convenient for members who live in the west of our area.  On 12th February we had a very interesting technical session with Stuart and John from Criterion Engineers on the Velocette primary drive.  Stuart and John went through some of the problem areas and give good advice and solutions to problems.  Many thanks to Stuart and John for spending the time to make a very informative evening.  I gave a talk on the working of chronometric speedometers and rev counters at our club night on 26th February which seemed to be well received. With the warmer weather and lighter nights hopefully we will be out and about on our more soon.